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World-Class Leadership

Vision Without Execution is Hallucination

The underlying belief that drives our business is for any emerging company to be successful, it must have a world-class leadership team with:


Shared Vision

Complementary Skills

Mutual Trust & Respect

Not all companies have the time nor the ability to recruit the team they need and build the vision they desire – let our experienced team take on that responsibility for you.

Trusted Advisor

Drawing on the Past to Build for the Future

Andcor leverages its bullpen of adjunct advisors, affiliate partners, and disruptive HR technologies to provide flexible resources and unmatched support.

Our intent is to attract, motivate, and retain world-class talent with both the right technical and cultural fit.

Tied Economics

Vested Interests

Our services-for-equity and direct investment activities – which are grounded in a collaborative approach – ensure that our interests are fully aligned with the long-term goals of every stakeholder.

With over forty-five years of experience, Andcor has become an industry leader and innovator of a wide array of customized approaches and services.

Relationship Driven

Network-Based vs. Research- Based Relationships

The foundation of Andcor is rooted in relationships that we’ve built with individuals and companies who are firmly committed to strong values.

These quality relationships have resulted in an extensive relationship-driven network that provides our clients with the access they need to unearth the quality candidates that will fit their distinct demands.

MN Emerging Growth

Andcor has partnered with visionary entrepreneurs to help accelerate hundreds of market-transforming companies through innovative human capital recruiting and organizational development solutions for more the forty-five years. Our clients have ranged from innovative start-ups to fast-growing, public companies in nearly every industry in Minnesota and the Midwest!

Start Up

Start Up

Great people are critical to success from the first day of business. We help you find the perfect match.

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The venture market can be intimidating, but we’ve been working with top companies for years.

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We’ve helped hundreds of market-transforming companies reach their true potential.

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Left pararenthesis The foundation for success of an emerging company starts with a world-class management team possessing shared vision, complementary skills and mutual trust and respect. Left pararenthesis

— Dennis Anderson, founder of Andcor