Equity for Services

Andcor’s principal focus is on partnering with companies that have attracted – or could attract – exceptional management talent.

Services for Equity


Services for Equity

Talent acquisition, retention and development requires specialist experience and a deep professional network.

Traditional fee structures don’t always work for emerging growth and high impact companies. Andcor tailors fee structures to suit your company’s needs and offer your company the flexibility to leveage our services.

As the venture recruiter for investors and entrepreneurs, Andcor has been a pioneer in its services-for-equity offering. Andcor shares in both the risk and reward of growing companies. Their focus is to extend beyond transaction agreements and develop long-term client relationships and partnerships.

The services-for-equity approach enables Andcor to truly partner with our clients and guides every decision they make, ensuring Andcor is fully aligned with the client's long-term goals. All of our clients know Andcor has a vested interest in the success of their companies and allows the conservation of cash to grow their businesses.

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"I was impressed and pleased with Andcor's reach beyond the Twin Cities to secure talented new members to compliment our existing team. Andcor understands our culture and goals, and I consider them a great partner."

Cargill EBA / Ventures